Pretty Little Liars' Series Finale

It's been seven years ever since we were first introduced to Aria, Hannah, Spencer and Emily during that night in the barn were they last saw Alison DiLaurentis before vanishing, and after that a lot happened.

During the 'Gossip Girl' era the show used cellphone blasts to keep the girls chained to their cells at any time and during any moment in a mysterious case of texts that they were receiving where it seemed that their late friend Alison came back from the dead and was punishing them. But for sure the foursome had a lot of enemies: Jenna as she lost her vision after they pranked her, Spencer's sister Melissa, as her little sister had a thing for her boyfriends, Jenna was bullied by Alison in the past, Aria's dad was romantically involved with a student, anything was a good excuse to keep the girls scared and under A.'s conditions. And the show worked like that, as stupid and lame it seemed sometimes, it always kept you wondering.

Until we finally got the reveal of the identity of A. (after learning that Alison was not really dead and that Spencer was her half-sister as her dad had an affair with Mrs. DiLaurentis). We learnt that Alison had another brother besides Jason called Charles, that was jealous of his baby sister from an early age and became so dangerous to her that they had to put him into the Radley where he transitioned into Charlotte and was known by the rest as CeCe Drake to go incognito. And this worked out because Charlotte always wanted to be Alison and wanted everything she had, and therefore, she was punishing her and her friends because of that. That plot twist was excellent and we never ever thought CeCe had any relevance in the show but the whole thing made a lot of sense. But when in Season 6 they jumped 5 years forward and after getting threads again by someone called A.D. it turned out that it was Spencer's evil twin Alex Drake... Well it didn't work out that well. Because the plot of the lost sibling, twin, half-brother/sister had already been overused in the show, and as they really surprised me before with the A. reveal i was expecting more from the series finale. But well, it's 'Pretty Little Liars' so i cannot really complain.

If i always liked something from the show it's all the nosense it had. Like, it was dumb but fun to watch and intriguing at the same time, and you grow to love the girls a lot. I will be sure missing to see the show and maybe some day i will re-watch everything again, but it was a fun ride these seven years. I wonder what my next guilty pleasure it's going to be.


sources: imdb

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