Lorde's 'Melodrama'

Now this was an unexpected surprise. When Lorde first came out with her debut album 'Pure Heroine', i didn't like it at all. Like, i listened to it but i didn't dig it and didn't understand why everyone loved it so much. But well to each his own as everyone has their own taste. So, when she released her second album titled 'Melodrama' and released 'Green Light' as the first single, things were different. Because the song is an instant hit and you've got to be crazy not to like it. But despite that, after listening to the sophomore album now i can say that i like Lorde.

The album has a more accessible sound still maintaining her signature style, but everything works out perfectly. The songs make you want to dance while the powerful lyrics hit you hard and all that makes for a perfect album that i can't stop listening now, as surprised as i am. Catchy like fire songs like 'Supercut' or 'Homemade Dynamite', 'Sober', 'Louvre', 'Hard Feelings/Loveless' and so on, there's no bad song in the album. So, below are my fave tracks from 'Melodrama', which i already mentioned but they're really going to be the soundtrack of my Summer. Enjoy!

sources: spotify

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