Music Monday (Phoenix, Lana del Rey, Texas, HAIM, Take That, Burak Yeter & Extreme Music)

It's been a while since i did my last Music Monday post, but there are a few new songs out there that sound so good i had to post them. Maybe you had already heard them some time ago but i don't care because they're new to me. So, here are some of the tracks that i loved lately. Enjoy!

Phoenix - J-Boy
Ever since i heard the very first seconds of this song, i adored it. There's something about the French band Phoenix, they simply sound so chic, and so cool and catchy. I can't say that i've liked everything that they've done but when i like a song from them, i love it. 'Wolfgang Amadeus' is a perfect album for me so i'm hoping they definitely go in that direction because 'Bankrupt!' was just fine. In the meantime, enjoy this new single that simply sounds fab.

Lana Del Rey ft. The Weeknd - Lust for Life
Lana del Rey is back and after the extraordinary first single 'Love', she releases this collab song with The Weeknd that is simply fantastic. Between the hypnotic voice of Lana and the melodic music it creates a whole dreamy vibe that i love. High hopes for this new album from her.

Texas - Let's Work It Out
Texas are back and i didn't even know, i've just found out. And i always like Sharleen Spiteri's music because it sounds so chill and laid back and cool. The lyrics are amazing too and it's like they take it easy but always doing a good result. So, here's some new great music from them.

HAIM - Right Now
The girls of HAIM are back and they're giving us a taste of what's coming. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, they released this one single take vid of them at the studio and the new material sounds amazing. Their first album was a fantastic breeze of air and they sound powerful that we'll have to wait a bit for their new stuff.

Take That - Giants
They've done it again. The ultimate 90s boyband have released another instant hit single that took me only one listen to adore. They always deliver and never get old no matter what. Loves it.

Burak Yeter - Tuesday feat, Danelle Sandoval
I discovered this catchy song from someone in social media, so i don't know much about the singers involved but i know it sounds dead good. If you don't know it, you're gonna love it.

Extreme Music - Truth & Lies
And keeping up with dance music, here's the latest track from Extreme who have quite a few hits in the matter. Enjoy and dance, dance!

sources: youtube

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