'Feud' Season 1: Bette & Joan

I think i talk in behalf everyone who had watched 'What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?' that when the news came out that Ryan Murphy was making a show about the filming's infamous dispute, everyone got excited. But i don't think noone expected to see such a brilliant thing. Because if anything, 'Feud' has been something huge, something so accurately well-done, and with so much love and respect for these two legends, that the result is no less than perfection.

I think everyone knew about Joan Crawford's and Bette Davis' rivalry but i didn't know it reached astronomical levels of betrayal, back-stabbing and insane jealousy. And what's most shocking to learn, or at least it was for me, is that the studios themselves were pitching them against each other to have more buzz and sell more tickets at the box office, which i think it's something atrocious. Especially because just like at the end of the famous Baby Jane movie, they could had been friends all the time.

The season of 'Feud: Bette and Joan' is truly an homage of these two screen legends, one known for her beauty and image of the perfect dame, Crawford, while Davis is remembered after her fierce attitude and powerful talent, and these features that where what made each other stand out, are precisely what they hated about each other. Because after all, both ladies secretly admired each other and while they both had tremendous talent, the special skill that made each other unique and distinctive from the rest, is what both envied from the other one. And it's like they just wanted each other's approval but their egos were so big that they just couldn't admit it. But they really did some bitching stuff to each other, but the biggest one for me, was the Oscar night when Crawford covinced every other nominee to let her accept the award in their behalf so she could rub it off Davis' face in case she lost. That sequence shot really breaks your heart for Bette and really makes you see Crawford's true evil self. Because in the whole show, i was on team Bette all the way, because i don't think she was as mean towards Joan as she was to her.

The scene that also breaks your heart happens on the last episode when you feel sympathy for Joan Crawford, as she's ill and secluded in her New York appartment as her beauty has completely gone away and she doesn't want to be seen. The scene were she thinks her old freenemies Hedda and Jack Warner are having a little party in her living room and Bette joins them, the conversation they have, finally making amends, really tears you down, because they just wanted to be each other's friend. They would had been if they hadn't been pushed to compete with each other in a men's world and they could have been truly great colleagues. But it was too late now, as everything was a delirium from Joan as she starts to loose her mind. And seeing a star as huge as Crawford fade in that way is something really devastating.

The work of the whole entire cast, from Alfred Molina, to Stanley Tucci, Jackie Hoffman, Judy Davis, Catherine Zeta Jones, Alison Wright, Kathy Bates and even Kiernan Shpka in that last episode, is absolutely flawless, but the starring duo, Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon, are simply astounding. Because both, especially Sarandon, embodied their whole entire essence and in the scenes where they're filming Baby Jane you almost think it's footage from the old classic. And as skeptikal as some were about Ryan Murphy, he totally nailed it. I don't think he could have done it better. He has really made a work of art and such a quality season that it's hard to imagine anything better as the second season will presumably focus on Lady Diana's and Prince Charles' dispute, and it can't be as flawless as this perfect first season.

After the cut i've posted only some scenes that i loved best, but the show is so full of them i couldn't post them all. I hope you have enjoyed this season as much as i did because, it's been one of the shows of the year. And it's gonna receive a whole lot awards at the end of the year during the award season. But who will get more nominations and awards, Lange or Sarandon? This is not over, now it's time for these two to battle in real life.

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