'Love Actually 2: Red Nose Day'

(Spoilers, actually)
I was completely unaware that the shortfilm special of 'Love Actually: Red Nose Day, actually' had already been released because i thought it was coming out later this month (it came out in March, actually). But anyway, the charity mini-sequel is online for everyone to see and it's actually the cutest thing.

In the 15 minute clip, we get to see how some couples are still pretty much together and it all starts reenacting one of the movie's cutest scenes with Keira Knightley's character, among many other iconic scenes, like Hugh Grant dancing, also have a spot. We see how Colin Firth and his Portuguese lady are still going strong and how Liam Neeson's role is still forever alone, but in the company of his son who just got engaged to his childhood's sweetheart, which is cute. Or a hilarious scene with good old Mr. Bean being pretty much himself. Everything is kinda good spirited and makes you keep a smile all the time just like the movie did, so i liked that.

So, better late than never, watch the super tender, lovely, and Christmas-y clip below!

sources: ew & vimeo

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