'13 Reasons Why' (2017)

I was about not to do any '13 Reasons Why' review because at this point, it was a bit late as everyone had already seen it some time ago. But if there's something that doesn't get old, is the show's controversy so i'm here to talk about it.

First i have to say that i actually liked this show a lot. Not that it's now one of my fave tv series but i enjoyed binge-watching the hell out of it a lot and i think the strings were very well tied to each other so no complaints about that. But what people seems to be pissed off about, among many other things that i will discuss later, is the motives behind Hannah Baker's suicide. Even after having watched the whole season. Truth is, the character sometimes comes out as dumb or even desperate for attention but i don't think we can't question her 13 reasons why she commits suicide. Maybe we can argue that she shouldn't have included Clay Jensen in the tapes, because he actually did nothing wrong, he only ignored her according to her. Though, in that case, we have to admit that at that age, or at practically at any age, it's easy for someone to crush your feelings that easily after having the picture on your head of a love that will solve all your problems.

But anyway, getting to the bottom of things, Hannah Baker might be stupid, but she had a few solid reasons to kill herself. She was humiliated in school, betrayed by friends, molested, felt isolated by everyone, slapped in the face, raped... and those reasons aren't enough? I don't think any single one of the people bashing the show would really move on from things easily like that as they claim. The problem i see here is that the show fails to show Hannah being really depressed. She is sad at times, but not in a low state of emotions. She never gives any sign to her parents, despite living with her at home, or to anyone, only towards the end, to the school's counselor. And yes, i remember the poem but even then, she didn't look like someone who was depressed. Maybe i'm getting into things i don't know about, but i didn't feel like she was miserable all the time, though i could understand her ending her life. But the bottom line of this is that, things affects us differently, and what might seem silly for many means the whole entire world to a single person so i don't think anyone can discuss that.

The other thing that people criticize a lot is the effect of the show on teenager's today. That concern i can understand, because teens tend to mimic what they see and use it to prove themselves despite being wrong. In one hand, there's the suicide part and i guess we all agree that, though as i said, i can understand why she does it, in the end that should never be the solution to any problem. She was just young and stupid and didn't know better or had anyone helping her. But for people at that age, who are so full of emotions and insecurities, the show shouldn't be an example of how to resolve things like that, whereas it should be a warning of how our actions can affect others. It should serve to all those bullies to consider their shenanigans and leave people alone but we all know that mean kids will still be mean kids no matter a stupid show. It's sad like that but this won't change anyone's behavior in that case. Also, what is not a healthy thing either is Hannah's cry for attention after she died. Yes, the tapes are a great plot for the show but in real life, that would be demolishing. No one should ever leave that kind of message behind, only the usually goodbye note, but nothing that elaborated. In the series it served Hannah to get her revenge but those plans are evil and noone should take her example. And as we're talking about teenagers, many can be easily impressed by that and try to imitate her in real life, which would be horrendous. So that's why i think the show could be damaging for people young age, there's no doubt about that.

Overall, these are the things that people complain about and i get frustrated but i guess everyone has their own view of things and it's easy to criticize the show. But it's not a bad show at all and the young cast was also great, a lot of talent there. There are rumors of a possible second season and i don't know if it would be a good idea but we would get answers on Alex being shot at the end, though it seems that it was Tyler as he has plans, after buying a gun, to kill everyone in the tapes and he started from the beginning, as Alex was in the first one. We'll see if they give it a second season but i would definitely watch it.

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