Brad Pitt in the Summer 2017 issue of GQ Style

It's hard to imagine that Brad Pitt is actually 53 years old, but he is. Having growing up watching his movies during my teens (i only went to the cinema to watch his films on the big screen) we have also seen him grow up as an actor, and he only got better.

Having some personal issues right now, battling addiction and going through a very public divorce, he's opening about it on the Summer 2017 Issue of GQ and as always he sounds real and honest. He's always kept a low profile despite his much public love life, so it's pretty obvious that he's at his best right now but i'm sure he'll bounce back.

After the cut you can see this very great GQ photoshoot by Ryan Mcginley because some eye candy never hurts and you can check out more pics and read the interview at the source. Enjoy!

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