Girls' Season 6 Best Moments & Scenes

This season of 'Girls', the last season of the show, has been, wow, AMAZING. I've always loved the show, even when Season 3 and 4 were not all that but Lena Dunham has always created incredible relatable moments that are truly the greatness of the show. Maybe they are all annoying but in the end you grow fond of them and feel with them. Even with Marnie. But this last season has been the perfect and realistic brooch for its farewell.

The finale was not what everyone expected, but definitely it was a realistic ending, because in the end things got real. And while it wasn't anything exciting it was something as true as life and that is something true. And that's what Lena Dunham has done with the show, as unrealistic it might had seem sometimes, she made it true.

So, as usual with every season, and sadly because this will be the last post like this, here are Season 6's best moments and scenes because, there had been a lot, and many very special ones. But, in conclusion, 'Girls' has been quite a journey, but i loved everything about it. Check the best of S6 after the cut!

Starting from the beginning, as this season has been more focused on Hannah than ever, and therefore on her her pregnancy, there's a very nice moment she shares with surf-instructor Paul Louis played by Riz Ahmed. In 'All I Ever Wanted' (6x01), Hannah and her soon to be babydaddy talk about how it's easier to love than to hate, and how simple is that idea even though many people choose to do the opposite. She even says that she often bonds with her friends because they hate the same things so it's a change in her perception, which is something foreshadowing to her.

When it comes to friendships, there's one that, unlikely, has managed to survive everything, and maybe that's why they're stronger than ever, because they overcame everything. We're talking about Hannah and Marnie, and how they really settled things in this season, as we could see in 'Hostage Situation' (6x02), as Hannah accompanies Marnie in her sexcapade with Desi despite she's cheating on Ray. But after a huge fight with Desi, Hannah comes to comfort Marnie and she explains to her that she's gonna be there for her because at this point, they're gone through so much bullshit for each other that there's no bailing out now. So, they really strengthened their friendship at this point, which is nice after so many years.

Another relationship that didn't go so well is the one between cousins Jessa and Shoshanna, as Shosh reaches a point where she's had enough of her and her dramas in 'Hostage Situation' (6x02). Both Shoshanna and Elijah turn their backs on Jessa after what happened with Adam and it's kinda sad for her because she's practically left with no friends. She did wrong but no one should take sides if there were really her friends too. And as always, Jessa ends up alone.

One of the stands out episodes of the season that actually has nothing to do with the ongoing plot but it's very important to Hannah's career and perceptions is 'American Bitch' (6x03). Here, we see Hannah interviewing a notorious writer who has been called out by a few girls on Tumblr for taking advantage of them. We see here a really interesting debate on whether he was taking really advantage of them for sexual favours benefiting from his name and position in the literary world, or it was them who got what they wanted but were unsatisfied with the experience in the end. Which is a very popular and heated argument in society nowadays and somehow the ending leaves an open answer. In that final scene, we see how Hannah gives in into Chuck Palmer's persuasions, and without giving a second thought grabs his penis for a second, before freaking out as she realizes how she wasn't doing what she really wanted but somehow ended up doing it, and ultimately, how she could understand all those other girls doing it too because he wanted them to. It's not like they were forced but sometimes, as a woman, we've got into situations, sexual encounters, that we didn't want to be in but went with the flow because we wanted something else out of it and that was the way we thought we would get it. It's a difficult debate and one can only make it personal but i feel that in the end that's what Lena Dunham wanted us to think about. And the final scene, with all those women going into Palmer's apartment is the perfect explanation to that. This episode was pure gold.

As you can see, i'm doing everything in order because everything that went on on this season was leading to this moment that's it's a before and after for Hannah. That happens in 'Painful Evacuation' (6x04) where not only she bumps into Joshua –the 'One Man's Trash' doctor with whom she has an affair in Season 2, who reveals to her she's pregnant. This was something i already knew because of some paparazzi pics on set, but i was glad it was not the ending of the show. Anyway, here everything changes for Hannah and receiving this kind of news from Patrick Wilson's character was a special wink to those who believed that that episode had only been a dream of hers. Also, she bumps into Jessa and Adam who want her permission to make the movie they have planned and as Hannah couldn't care less at this point about them and their drama she tells them to do whatever they wanted, because now that wasn't important to her. But the ending scene with Hannah coming home to Elijah and not saying anything to him, just laying on his lap, to reflect on everything that was ahead of her was something one could relate to, because sometimes we need time to digest things on our own first, especially something so big.

In 'Painful Evacuation' (6x04) we also have the only significant death on the show, that is of Ray's boss and sort of mentor, Hermie. This is relevant because Ray has always seen his boss as someone who is not trying to make things better, someone who's wasting his life and settled down for things and right before his death he gives Ray a powerful speech: That he's wasting his potential. Maybe Hermie himself is aware he hasn't lived up to his most but Ray still can do it and that, alongside his sudden death, marks a before and after also for Ray in this episode.

In the following ep 'Gummies' (6x05) we also get to see how Hermie's death is changing everything to Ray and his perspective of life as he discovers some tapes he had recorded of him interviewing old people and their wisdom of life. In the process of that, he breaks up with Marnie as she lacks any empathy for Ray in the end, but the tapes give him powerful message about life and death. This effect on Ray can also be seen in the so very perfect ep 'What Will We Do This Time About Adam?' (6x09) where Ray meets Soshanna's former colleague Abigail, with whom he embarks in the lively journey of interviewing old folks, just like Hermie did, and adquire their wisdom while doing so. It's unexpected because we all expected Ray and Shoshanna to get back together in the end, but Lena Dunham didn't want to be predictable and instead she made them the best of friends and gave Ray a partner noone expected for him, in a final scene for him that remains beautiful as we've never seen Ray this happy, and he deserves to be happy.

In relation to Adam's and Jessa's movie, it's funny to see what a doppelganger they find to play Hannah's part, and how both the actress and Hannah meet outside her apartment at the end of 'Gummies' (6x05), making a very grand scene. In here, both Hannahs end up having a conversation about kids, as the actress is a mom, and how she tells her that it's not kids who are difficult, it's adults who are difficult, teaching the original Hannah a lesson on motherhood. That, no matter how the kid turns out to be, what's important it's how adults manage themselves in order to raise a child giving Hannah another perspective, and a more accurate one, on what it is to raise your own kid. And i think that comforts her.

In 'Gummies' (6x05) we also witness something that is very real and it's when Elijah finds out about Hannah's pregnancy. He lashes out at her and yes, he was selfish but we all kinda feel the same when one of our friends tells us he's/she's gonna change their lives forever as they're going to have a baby. Well, maybe not everyone thinks the same way but for people who don't see kids in their future, it's a change in their friendship and that is the truth. Obviously, i will never come out as hard or even a little bit similar as Elijah did, and while he was very mean to her, i could relate to what he was feeling –not saying. But sometimes friends don't always react the way you want them to or tell us what we want to hear so that's why i liked this scene because it was as real as life but a bit more dramatic because we're talking about Elijah.

In 'Full Disclosure' (6x06) Jessa finds out about Hannah's pregnancy through Adam and obviously, she shows up at Hannah's apartment to talk about them and to help. The problem is, Hannah is hurt and she cannot forget about what happened between them and how she didn't show up before to resolve things between them. Because in that moment, Hannah's life has changed and Jessa was not only not in the picture anymore, but didn't make the effort before, so why include her now just because her situation has changed? I thought Lena Dunham was going to show us the death of a friendship with these two, and well, she kinda did in the end, but with a more happy ending for the two of them.

The end of this episode, 'Full Disclosure' (6x06), is also very important as Hannah finally watches Adam's movie about their relationship. There she sees his side of things and how everything was not such a disaster as she believed it to be and gives us some kind of hope of them getting back together, as the film is sort of eye opening to Hannah. Truth is that he has been the most real relationship she's ever had and all that while Robyn's new song 'Honey' sounds in the background makes a perfect, sort of cliff-hanger-ish ending scene.

And now it comes the best scene, i think, of the whole season, that is the conversation, or lack of, between Hannah and Adam at the end of 'What Will We Do This Time About Adam?' (6x08). So, when Adam finds out about Hannah being pregnant, not only he removes Jessa of the equation but presents himself to her as her shinning knight to safe her and help her carry on with the baby. At first, we see how Hannah gets carried on by this idea, the idea of making everything perfect and how it would be with him if they were together, but we see that in the end, they were just fooling themselves. We could see a sneak of that during their sex scene that wasn't as thrilling, passionate or anything like the sex they used to have but the ending diner scene said it all. There, Hannah realizes that they just cannot continue with this charade despite wanting it so much because it simply wasn't right. Their time has passed and they just cannot make it work and her, not saying anything and starting to cry in front of him, makes him understand as well that they just can't do it. That scene, with no words at all, simply the face expressions and the tears was nearly the grandest ever scene on the show to me.

Another heartbreaking scene during the 'What Will We Do This Time About Adam?' (6x08) was when Jessa, after being practically dumped by Adam in his quest to do the right thing and be with Hannah, goes at a bar to pick up a random stranger to have sex with her. Because that was what was expected from Jessa, Jessa being Jessa, but that's her old self and she soon realizes that and cannot proceed with the encounter. And it's heartbreaking because she feels lost again, with no friends, no boyfriend and giving herself to the first person she meets on the street, but she's not that person anymore and breaks down in tears. Happily for her, Adam returns to her in the end when he realizes his mistake.

And what about the 'Goodbye Tour' (6x09) with that talk between the girls in the bathroom? Finally we see the four girls reunited, which they hadn't been in a really long time, and surprisingly, is at Shoshanna's engagement party, which just like Hannah, we knew nothing about. We unfairly haven't seen about Shosh at all in this season but here she made up for everything. As they go to the bathroom to have "girl talk" she makes it very clear to them that they aren't really friends as Hannah didn't tell her about her pregnancy after a long while and Jessa only comes for her for money so it's not like they were the best of friends to being with. This echoes her speech in 'Beach House' (3x07) and she makes it very clear that they're no friends of her, and that she's sick of it. Clearly, Shoshanna has moved on from them and continued with her life and she also has a happy ending, but not with them.

Also, in 'Goodbye Tour' (6x09) Hannah and Jessa finally have the talk they needed and this time things are not as heated so they can talk it out. That maybe their friendship had always been a mess but they tried to be friends and in the end both of them had to go in different directions, though they make peace with each other which is way more healthy for everyone. It was nice to see them sorta work things out and leave no bad blood between them. Also, the ending scene with Hannah looking at the girls with kinda like a farewell gaze was something beautiful and the closure she needed. Maybe not a perfect one but a happy closure in the end.

And the finale, 'Latching' (6x10), which didn't have any great singled out scene but was grand all together. I know many were expecting something more out of it but i actually liked it. We see Hannah a few months after giving birth to a healthy baby boy and her struggles with motherhood. Marnie comes to help but she's not really there to help out but more to have something to do as she doesn't have anything else at this point. But the importance of the episode is that Hannah needed time to become a mother. She had Marnie, and then her mom, pushing her and telling her how to do things but she only needed some time away, and a random encounter with a teenage girl, to fully embrace motherhood. Dunham shows how having a baby is not a happy process and sometimes people need to take some time to fully feel it and that's what Hannah needed and it's beautiful in the end she does it on her own and with her baby alone.

Maybe in the finale nothing great happens, and some were disappointed, but what i liked was that it was realistic and that goes above everything else. Dunham really makes things real, not what we want to see but what it is, and that's her ultimate greatness. Maybe some people see 'Goodbye Tour' (6x09) as the perfect ending but we needed to go through this process with Hannah in her new life as a mom. And she really captured that and we all could feel it. It was real and that's the show's greatness, as she has always delivered amazing moments that touch us in some way. And i's going to be missed, we all will miss our girls but it had to end to be perfect.

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