Get ready for 'Twin Peaks' new season with this recap

The much awaited new season of 'Twin Peaks' returns in only 27 days and damn i can't wait for it. No new footage has been released from the new episodes, just a few teasers to keep us excited. But now, Showtime has released a clip of less than 3 minutes making a recap of everything that happened 25 years ago during the first two seasons, and it's a pretty amazing video. It shows all the thrilling parts that took place after the body of Laura Palmer was found wrapped in plastic, and it reminds you how amazing and iconic this show was.

I can't imagine all the new dark stuff that David Lynch has coming for us but, as he has waited all these years and it seems he had it all planned, it can't be bad. In fact, expectations are really high so i hope it doesn't disappoint. But in the meantime, watch the clip below to get ready for the new season coming. It is happening again.

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