Kirsten Dunst for Calvin Klein underwear by Sofia Coppola

 Sofia Coppola has definitely kept in the family to direct Calvin Klein's new ad for its underwear campaign. Not only Sofia's muse Kirsten Dunst is featured in the ad but also the music playing in the advert are none other than Coppola's husband Thomas Mars' band Phoenix, so she makes it a personal affair.

As well as Dunst and Phoenix, other stars appear as Rashida Jones, Laura Harrier and Maya Thurman-Hawke, who Sofia wanted initially to star in 'The Little Mermaid' before dropping out of the project because the studio wanted a more popular face. So, again, she makes everything the Sofia way, with who she wants, or nothing.

Apart from that, the ad features a range of women from ages 18 to 73 and all sorts of body types far different from the stick models we're used to see in these commercials, so that's refreshing. And the song playing is new stuff coming from Phoenix that sounds amazing, so the whole thing is pretty great.

Sofia has 'The Beguiled' coming soon and the final trailer was released this week, so check it out on the link and watch Calvin Klein's gorgeous ad below.

sources: thedapifer & indiewire