Jude Law for Prada Spring/Summer 2017

 Jude Law is the man of the hour, or at least he should be. There's no need for me to praise even more his performance on the fantastic show by Paolo Sorrentino, 'The Young Pope'. But he's stellar in there, better than ever. And of course, he always has been good. He was amazing in 'Gattaca', he was annoyingly awesome in 'Closer', he was good in 'Cold Mountain', but nothing like him playing Pius XIII.

Anyway, he now stars as the face of Prada for the Men's Spring/Summer 2017 campaign and i had to post these ads because he looks amazing on them. It's funny because i've never been too keen on Jude Law despite considering him attractive, because he is, but now he just fascinates me. I guess Lenny converted me.

You can see a few more ads at the source but enjoy this fine man below.

sources: fashionisto

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