'Picnic at hanging Rock' TV Series

I literally had no idea about this but Foxtel announced last year that they will turn the dreamy movie 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' into a six episode mini series and i'm super excited about it.

The 1975 Australian film will have a tv adaptation in the Aussie TV channel (as the novel and the movie are both from Australia) and the series will take after the 1967 novel by Joan Lindsay about the mystery of the disappearance of three schoolgirls during a Valentine Day picnic. The movie adaptation served as inspiration to Sofia Coppola in 'The Virgin Suicides' as many like to say (even though the film has a lot from Jeffrey Eugenides' novel, its whole vibe and mood) but i will definitely watch it. And to add even more excitement about it, Natalie Dormer will star as an English Headmistress so this tv series is going to be great.

The show it's in early stages of production but will premiere sometime in 2017 but this already sounds so good that i can't wait for it. In the meantime, here you have some gorgeous stills of the original movie, which is really pleasurable to the eye to watch, but not as great as Sofia Coppola's debut film. But it's worth watching anyway. Check out the pretty stills of the movie after the cut!

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