'Bright Lights': Starring Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds

The release of HBO's documentary 'Bright Lights', a look into Hollywood's legend Debbie Reynolds' and her daughter Carrie Fisher's life, had definitely bad timing. Or maybe it was the perfect timing as both mother and daughter passed away within days of each other at the end of December last year, with the documentary scheduled to air during early January 2017. The doc did finally serve to honor both of them following their sudden deaths and it resulted to be the best farewell kiss from them to us. Because what we can find in 'Bright Lights' is the ultimate tribute to those two one of a kind ladies.

 I personally wasn't much aware of Debbie Reynolds' life, i knew more about Carrie Fisher's as she had trouble in the past with drug abuse and mental illness but what really surprises you about the documentary is the special bond they both had. In one hand, Reynolds' is a joy of a person, very sweet, kind and charismatic and in the other hand there's Carrie, who's unique personality stands out. And as she says, she has become a mother to her own, aging mom. And while Debbie Reynolds shines through the doc even though she was not feeling her best, what really stands out is Carrie Fisher's persona. Her humor and thoughts about life, her openness about struggling with maniac depression, the stories she tells, is simply something fascinating to hear. And you can tell that everyone around her is aware and really appreciative of that. 

But not everything is joy and fun, we witness the decay of Debbie Reynolds' health, to the point that somedays she cannot film the documentary as expected, as well as how difficult it was for her to simply attend the SAG Awards where she was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award. The struggle and concern of Carrie making sure that everything was going to be alright for her mom to feel comfortable, was a scene that breaks your heart. Because you saw her breaking down at the fact that her mom's star was slowly fading away and what a terrible loss that was going to be for her, obviously.

Fisher also teaches us a lesson in life as we see some old footage of her tenderly taking care of her father Eddie Fisher, despite practically abandoning his kids to be with Elizabeth Taylor. And even though he was a nightmare to Carrie during her teens, she was forgiving at the end and took great care of him before passing away.

This is a must-watch documentary for anyone who admired both thespians, and even if you didn't it's a great thing to see. Because their view of life and positivity is amazing, and their stories and talks are something i would listen to for years. But, even though the timing was not the best, it's the greatest way of saying goodbye to these two amazing women, both in their unique, different ways, and it's a joy to see.

Check out some gems of the documentary after the cut and more at the source. 

sources: buzzfeed & moviefone

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