Elle Fanning for ELLE UK

Elle Fanning appears on the cover of ELLE UK February issue, and i know i'm late posting this but the shoot is so gorgeous that i simply could not not post it.

There's no need to say that i adore Elle Fanning, i always love the movies she makes and she's really making really wise decisions about choosing roles. She's definitely no sell out. She'd rather do interesting projects that maybe won't be a box office hit than appear in any dumb movie that's gonna make millions, and i really like that about her. She's also super pretty so that helps. And she's got some really great projects coming up: Not only she will re-team with Sofia Coppola in 'The Beguiled' but she's also going to portray Mary Shelley on the screen very soon, and turn into a teen pop sensation in 'Teen Spirit' by Max Minghella. I still have to watch '20th Century Women' and i really can't wait, but in the meantime enjoy this lovely shoot of Elle for ELLE.

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sources: fashionrogue

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