'The OA' renewed for a second season

This was bound to happen. There was no way that after Season 1's finale we wouldn't be getting more of this. More answers. Or more questions. But definitely more about the amazing story of Prairie, or the OA, as she likes her friends to call her.

'The OA's first season was something that it took me a while to watch because i heard mixed opinions about it, many were saying that it was an amazing show while others quit saying that it was absurd. So i didn't have many expectations. But i have to admit that the pilot really fascinated me, Prairie's story and how Brit Marling narrates it it's something beautiful and the small but stellar detail of having the opening credits for the show at minute 40 (i think more or less) of the ep, was something grand. And what about the story...

At first, with the first few eps it took me a while to get hooked on the show, i really didn't know what to think, whether she was making it up or what, but after a few eps, that they started ending with amazing cliff hangers, i was right onto it. And the finale was something that i really didn't expect, from the discovery of Prairie's books making it believe that it was all a tale, from the thrilling last 10 minutes with the scary school shooting and the opening ending guessing if it was all real or not, obviously there had to be a second season. And below there's a teaser of S2, it doesn't give away much, practically anything, but enough to get excited.

sources: inverse & youtube

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