'Girls' Season 1 best moments and scenes

The final season of 'Girls' premieres on Sunday and i don't think we're ready for it. But, as we have no other choice and i'm really willing to watch it despite the sadness, i'm making my now traditional post about the best moments and scenes the first season had as it was the only season left that i hadn't done it (as i did with seasons 2, 3, 4 and 5) and the first season really deserves it. I will do the same with the final season and also a Top 10 Favorite 'Girls' episodes' post once season 6 ends, but for now, here are the best moments and scenes the glorious first season had. Check them all out after the cut!

First things first, the very first scene where i thought, "i'm gonna love the shit out of the show" was in 'All Adventurous Women Do' (1x03) when Marnie returns home and finds Hannah dancing to Robyn's 'Dancing on My Own' and she joins in. It might be a simple scene but how spontaneous and natural it feels and how anyone can relate to the feeling of dancing your pains away despite everything being shitty is fantastic. Hannah had just discovered that her ex-boyfriend Elijah had been gay all the time she was with her and Marnie is confused with her feelings about Charlie but in that moment they don't care. And i loved that.

Another scene that i loved a lot was in the very great and to be sure on the Top 3 of my fave 'Girls' episodes, that is 'Welcome to Bushwick aka the Crackcident' (1x07). That final scene, when Adam, frustrated of not knowing what Hannah really wants from him, asks her if she wants him to be her boyfriend or not and the ending with both Hannah and Adam returning home with Marnie in a cab and Hannah smiling because she finally has him as a boyfriend is priceless.

Another scene between Adam and Hannah that is super sweet happens at the end of 'Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too' (1x08) when Adam wakes up Hannah and shows her how he's sorry about shouting to a car driver earlier that morning by printing hundreds of pamphlets saying 'Sorry' was adorable, and a soft side from Adam that i think made everyone fell in love with him.

And another ending scene that was epic, though not so beautiful, was in 'Hannah's Diary' (1x04) when after finding and reading Hannah's journal, Charlie and Ray perform a song in front of the girls and an audience where he reads her thoughts about his and Marnie's relationship, which is probably what his girlfriend thinks too. Of course the boys shouldn't have read something private as a journal, but in the end it triggered a break up that was bound to happen anyway.

A scene that really made me think and i liked was in 'Leave Me Alone' (1x09) Jessa gets a visit from her former boss as she has been working as a nanny, and somehow got into a mess with her husband's "boss". She doesn't come to confront her but i liked how she tells her that this special thing about her, where she gets involved in dramas and she doesn't really know why, will fade soon and she's really not showing her real self. How she uses all that to hide her feelings and how this was not the girl she wanted to become when she thought about it as a little girl. I think everyone has been at that point when younger, not taking responsibility of your actions or how consequences of that can affect other people, and there Jessa finally sees it.

The final scene in 'Leave Me Alone' (1x09) is a key scene in the whole show. At first we see Marnie and Hannah being really close, sleeping together and taking baths together but as episodes go by, we see that there's some tension between them and it all explodes in this episode. In one side we have Marnie who's heartbroken after Charlie moved on so quick after their split and on the other side there's Hannah who's finally enjoying being in a relationship with Adam and spends all his time with him. I understand how Marnie is hurt as her best friend is not there as she's supposed to but also i get when Hannah tells her that the problem now is that she has a boyfriend and Marnie doesn't. I've always felt that despite loving each other that friendship is a competitive one, and sadly there are a lot of girlfriends who are like that. I used to have one like that and it frustrated me but luckily, i don't have any girlfriends like that anymore.

And what about the finale, 'She Did' (1x10), when Hannah gets scared about her relationship with Adam going serious as she didn't think it would be. Because she's never been fully loved and that terrifies her to the point of not rushing to Adam's side at the hospital when he accidentally gets hit by a car, and instead she falls asleep on the subway and ends up in Coney Island. Because it's easier not to face take a risk and give herself completely into a relationship with him and instead eat wedding pie on the beach all by herself. And i think that was a glorious ending for an stellar season as i think, anyone can relate to being scared to love when we have it right into your eyes.

And as a bonus because i didn't add any Shoshanna scenes (not because i don't like her but because her character didn't have as much depht as in other seasons), here's the iconic video of everything glorious she sais in the first season:

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