Spice Girls GEM

Spice Girls are back! Well not really. It turns out that since this last July Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton and Melanie Brown reunited for a spinoff of the band and little did i know about this. They're moving on without band members Melanie Chrisholm and Victoria Beckham because these two don't really need it, Mel C is the Spice Girl with a more solid solo career and Victoria is busy with her fashion industry so why going back. Funnily enough, these two were my fave Spice Girls but i'd rather see them doing their own stuff like they do.

Anyway, their new band is called GEM (after their initials) and their first song has already leaked and it's 'Song for Her', which is an ok track, nothing too catchy and it's not bad, but they're miles away from their original success. Still, i'm going to keep an eye on these three and see what they make because of reasons. I was a huge Spice Girls fan back in the day and i think they could do something nice. In the meantime listen to 'Song for Her' and i just realized that i hadn't done a Top 10 Favourite Spice Girls songs post, so that's coming soon.

sources: aprilsfools & youtube

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