'Jackie' teaser

There has been much buzz about 'Jackie', the world's most famous widow biopic starring Natalie Portman and directed by Pablo Larraín. And while i usually loathe biopics because they tend to be the most boring thing, the teaser of this movie has really gotten me interested. And why? because this doesn't look like your average Academy Awards oriented biopic, even though i'm sure it will get lots of nominations, but this looks a little more than that. More thrilling, dark, twisted and going deep into Jackie Kennedy's tragic moments, such as the killing of her husband in front of her eyes and the  whole world. And with Natalie Portman tastefully cast for the role, it can't do no wrong. I might be fooled and this won't be as good as it looks but i will definitely watch and also because i've heard really good things about Chilean director Larraín and his previous movie 'El club', which i haven't seen but i want to badly.

Watch the teaser of 'Jackie' below and a few of the beautiful images of the movie after the cut.

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