'Crisis in Six Scenes' and 'Divorce's pilots

While other times i've been excited about Fall season and all the new shows premiering, this year there only had been two shows that have caught my attention, for obvious reasons. First, Woody Allen's show 'Crisis in Six Scenes' which i've already talked about it, and Sarah Jessica Parker's return to tv with 'Divorce'. So, i've finally been able to watch both pilots and here are my two cents:

'Crisis in Six Scenes' first episode is not all that much, i agree with many that it seemed kinda weak, but it looks promising and it happens to me that, with anything Woody Allen does, i always like to watch it because there's a familiarity about it and i love his characters. Also, Miley Cyrus hasn't even appeared so i'm sure she will be the surprise of the show and will bring a lot of life to the plot. So, i'm going to binge-watch this as soon as possible.

And what about 'Divorce'? i was less excited about it, only watching for Sarah Jessica Parker, but i quite liked the pilot. Molly Shannon is also on the show which is always a bonus and the series looks good though i don't see it lasting long when it comes to a second season but i hope to be proven wrong. But i really missed seeing SJP on tv.

So, have you watched any other new shows? i guess i will also give 'Westworld' a watch but let me know if there are other new shows worth watching.

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