15 years of 'Beautiful Garbage'

I remember when Garbage's third album 'Beautiful Garbage' came out in 2001, i was spending three weeks in Dublin attending an English course, and somehow it always reminds me to that brief period of my life where i was really happy. And while the record didn't fascinate me as much as their previous two albums, 'Garbage' and 'Version 2.0.', with time it has gotten better and better.

Anyway, as i did with the perfection that is still to this day 'Version 2.0.', i'm dedicating a post to 'Beautiful Garbage', because, i feel, it's Garbage's last good album, at least to their good old self. Songs like 'Silence is Golden', 'Cup of Coffee', 'Breaking Up the Girl', 'Nobody Loves You', 'Drive You Home' or everyone's favourite 'Cherry Lips' are among my favorite songs ever from the band, and while they released 'Androgyny' and 'Shut Your Mouth' as singles, i thought that was a total mistake because those were the weakest songs from the album in my opinion.

But well, this little underrated jewel is turning 15 and i loved how it has grown on me with time, so give it a listen because Garbage doesn't have only two good records, it has, at least, these three:

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