Sugar for Sugar's 'Bizarre Love Triangle'

Remember the band The Singles? Scarlett Johansson's female band that released the super catchy hit song 'Candy'? Well, they had problems with copyright over the name and the band sort of faded away but now they're back – minus Este Haim which is totally a shame. They're recorded a charity single for amfAR that it's a cover of New Order's 'Bizarre Love Triangle' no less, and while this song has been covered a million times, it sounds really good.

The Singles was previously produced by TV on the Radio Dave Sitek so let's hope he's also on board in Sugar for Sugar along with Johansson, Holly Miranda, Julia Haltigan and Kendra Morris and that they released even more music material because i'm loving anything coming out of them so far.

Listen to 'Bizarre Love Triangle' below!

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