'Looking: The Movie'

(There's definitely spoilers)
The ending of 'Looking' was something really expected by everyone as it was unfairly cancelled after the pure gloriousness that was season 2. The show had so much potential, such an excellent writing and directing by Andrew Haigh and the cast was so on point that it sucked that it all got dropped. But luckily for us, HBO decided to make a film to honor the show and give it a proper ending. Because it deserved it and it shouldn't be tossed away like any other show.

So, we return to San Francisco like Patrick coming back to attend Agustin's and Eddie's wedding, and we feel like we're retuning back home to see old friends. It gives you that feeling because Haigh creates such intimate scenes and dialogues that you feel like you know these characters, these people. And we find that Patrick has somehow ran away from himself back to his childhood home and returned only to face everything he left behind. From his break up with Kevin to his feelings for Richie. Everything right back in a weekend. And while maybe Patrick did some thinking and probably needed time to digest everything, now he had to do something, and we witnessed that. The talk he had with Kevin (who i never ever liked) about their split and how Patrick never really gave it a chance to work things out really touched my soul. Because he never tried, and i've recently been through that with a person who didn't want to at least, try to see if things worked or not, so it was emotional. Also, the force that the conversation had resides precisely on its truthfulness, because with 'Looking' everything feels real and that's its biggest achievement.

Another scene that really stand out was the talk between Agustin and Patrick on top of the hill. It was about Agustin having turned into everything he hated and how he was confused because of that, but good friend Patrick was there to make him see that it's about growing up and that maybe those loathes were precisely fears that he had and overcame now. Agustin is really a character that i despised during the first season but after s2 i feel everyone fell in love with him and i was happy he got a happy ending with Eddie.

As for Richie and Patrick, i was happy that they got back together, they had an amazing chemistry from the beginning and it had to end like that. I know there are many out there who wanted him with Kevin but that was just too messy. Richie and Patrick were just too pretty and if there was going to be a happy ending for him, it had to be with Richie. Because at least they will try and that's the most important thing, whatever that happens.

I'm happy that the show had an ending, someone said that a show doesn't need seven seasons to be perfect, because 'Looking' has been perfect with two and a final movie. And that's it.

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