POP by Stella McCartney

The ad for Stella McCartney's latest fragance POP is finally here and it's absolutely gorgeous. We were already expecting something great by the looks of the promotional campaign pictures released but the result is a really delightful thing to watch.

The film stars Grimes, Lola Leon, Amandla Stenberg and Kenya Kinski-Jones and it has pink vibes all over and i can't help but think that somehow it reminds me of 'Spring Breakers' but only because there are four girls, there's pink everywhere and the spirit of freedom around. Grimes' music plays and the girls look amazing in that very necessary pink convertible slash pool that they create, really necessary to keep it fresh in the Summer. And while all of them are great, all eyes are on Lola as she's the Queen of Pop's daughter and we don't get to see her that much. And it's a shame because the girl is gorgeous, she has really hypnotic eyes and she kinda stands out for me, but maybe it's because i love her mom so much.

Anyway, enjoy the POP film below, i really loved it and the images are gorgeous so check out more behind the cut.

sources: hauseofaesthestetic, powerbottom, mermanien & youtube

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