'Ghostbusters' (2016)

I'm late to the party but i finally managed to watch 'Ghostbusters', the much awaited and criticized new version of the 80s blockbuster classic. And while i did not expect much i knew it was not going to be as bad as all those hatred comments. Because all the hating came only because the protagonists were women this time and that is simply petty and lame.

Anyway, besides all that, the movie is quite fine. In fact, it's a total homage to the two 80s films, and a really dedicated one, with cameos from the original cast (i did not expect the Sigourney Weaver one), scenes in the original movies settings (like the firestation) and even cameos from the old iconic ghosts like the Stay Puff Marshmallow or Slimer, so you can tell the film has totally taken after the old movies. And it shouldn't be a surprise as it's written and produced by original Ghostbuster himself Dan Aykroyd, who was also behind the first two movies, so it was all well taken care of.

As for the very criticized female cast, they were all awesome. Kristen Wiig is always great and Melissa McCarthy is always hilarious but i think the two that really stand out are Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon, they're really the surprise in the movie as well as Chris Hemsworth playing hot ass dumb was really funny too, and totally eye candy. And it's the friendship and the bonding of the four women which is great about the movie, apart from the humor and plot. So i don't understand why so much hate when it's one of the best things of the movie.

Overall, this is a great film to watch during Summer or any other boring Sunday, because it's simply so entertaining and funny that will make up your day. I've posted the Total Film cover of the cast because they look fab and also Chris Hemsworth's editorial below because he looks his hottest in the movie. And don't forget to watch it and stay for the scene in the ending credits because if you liked the movie as much as i did, you will get excited. Veeery excited.

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