Emotion Side B

After the gem that was 'Emotion',  last year's perfect pop album that was incredibly underrated, Carly Rae Jepsen is treating us with this 'Emotion Side B' album that i couldn't be more excited about. Because in 'Emotion' we found a mix of 80s music with a lot of freshness that turned out to be one of the best music records from 2015. So the more we get from it, the better.

Now with 'Emotion Side B' we find a bunch of catchy songs that could have perfectly be included in the original album and it's equally fantastic, because we aren't missing anything. Songs like 'Higher', 'First Time' and 'Cry' evokes us to our early teenage years and make us feel young and bubbly again and it feels like they could be included in any John Hughes' movie soundtrack because it would fit perfectly. That's the Carly Rae Jepsen magic, the discreet pop star that is more focused on the music than on her image, and maybe that's why she's not more popular, but she really doesn't need any famous girl squad for her music to stand out. Listen to 'Emotion Side B' below.

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