'UnReal' Season 2

First of all let's address all the critics and hating that this second season of  'UnReal' had. That it's not as great as the first season, that it lost its freshness, that it's not good anymore... Total BS. I really hate when people immediately throw a show under the bus because it's not as perfect as it used to be, especially when it comes to second seasons. Of course the show has kinda lost its surprise effect after season one, because then we got what the show was all about, it can't be that surprising anymore with the second season. But that doesn't mean it hasn't been. I have to admit though that expectations were too high and the second season started kinda weak. But let's begin.

The second season of 'UnReal' was highly expected by me after the perfection that the first season was. It's one of those shows that you kinda say to yourself, this totally is my cup of tea. And as it was already renewed for a third season right before the second one started, i was anxious about it. And as i said, it didn't kick off in the beginning as expected but that doesn't mean it wasn't good at all. It's like with all those 'Game of Thrones' fans who now say that the show is boring because there's not murder all the time. It's nosense. A show has to surprise but also we have to allow to take its time to develop plots and let's us surprise us in the end, And that's what happened with 'Unreal'. Obviously, the idea of the show was so good that it couldn't live up much longer but the repeated formula which obviously is gonna remain on the show (that we know of) worked out fine this time as well.

This season was darker, colder and crueler to the bachelor as well to the contestants, and also between co-workers, like everything was on the edge. The relationship between Rachel and Quinn suffered quite a lot but as one of the key elements of the show, it was proven to be stronger than ever towards the end of the season. We also have seen more of Jay and Madison and that's nice because they have been quite good this time, especially hopeless romantic Jay. And while the season has not been perfect, it ended perfectly. The finale, with Ruby coming back for her man was something great, unexpected and made it for a happy ending that noone saw coming. And that's why i think this season of 'UnReal' has been great because it leaded towards a perfect ending season. "True love, who gets that?" those lines of Quinn really got me, and mark a perfect brooch for an ending that could as well be titled as 'How To Get Away with Murder', with both Quinn and Rachel laying down like at the end of season 1 but this time with Jeremy and Chet. Perfect ending scene for a very decent season. Now give more of 'UnReal'.

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