Looking HBO movie trailer

After an emotional hiatus, this blog is back. And what a better way to bring it back to life with the trailer of the upcoming finale of 'Looking'. Oh my, what a series. Thankfully, HBO didn't ditch it with its cancellation after season 2 last year and will give it a proper ending, because the shoe deserves it. And now we get to see a peek of what's coming and it's going to be an emotional ride. Because the show is full of feelings and that is its greatest achievement and i don't think it's going to disappoint. Of course some are team Richie or team Kevin (i'm team Richie all the way) so there's something that maybe will not please everyone, but still can't wait to watch it no matter what.

The long length episode will be aired on July 23 so we'll finally see the finale of a show that was amazing while it lasted. Watch the trailer below.

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