Garbage's music video for 'Empty'

The first music vid of Garbage's upcoming album 'Strange Little Birds' is out with its first single 'Empty' directed by Samuel Bayer who also directed other videos for them like 'Vow', 'Only Happy When It Rains' and 'Stupid Girl', iconic music vids from the 90s. And just like the track is classic Garbage, the vid is also good old Garbage in a modern way.

We can say that the vid's direction is really similar to 'Vow', with frontwoman Shirley Manson dressing a fur coat like in that vid, but this time it's pink, just like the colour of her dress in the OHWIR's vid and like her hair colour now. I feel the vid is kinda like a mix of 'Vow' and 'Stupid Girl', like a modern version of them, and while the good old formula is good, i wished they did another turn of their signature style and surprise everyone like they did with the 2.0 era. Anyway, enjoy the vid below.

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