'Faking It' cancelled

It's not fair. It really isn't. This guilty pleasure of mine has been cancelled after three seasons and it feels like a waste. A waste of potential because this show could had given a lot more. Obviously it's not the best tv show out there but it had something different, and that was the clue of its, then, success; 'Faking It' was a show with no taboos, that immersed itself in teenage years and was open to any gender, sexual orientation or anything that was not stereotypical about young people. From lesbians, to gays, to transgenders, to intersex, i felt that the show was educating many young and not so young folks out there about these topics that are not talked enough in highschools and that's the show's biggest loss because, as all of those non conventional stereotypes, they all had room in here and made them not different from the rest. Just teenagers struggling through their identities and trying to fit into a world that was not so welcoming as they wish. Of course, the show was funny, and bubbly and ridiculous at times but it brought the good in that and i loved it.

Also, it's not fair that a show like 'Awkward', which i adored at first because it felt so fresh and funny, has had 5 seasons despite the last two, or three, being totally average and kinda boring, when 'Faking It' ended this season 3 and with no closing finale or anything, and it didn't deserve that. At least they could have given it a proper ending and not to be so lame to cancel it like that.

About the "finale"... well, it obviously wasn't a show's finale, it left a lot of things open and lots of possibilities and new interesting plots, so it feels like a waste not to give it a proper ending. It's really frustrating and i think the show had a lot to explore and especially, we were all waiting for Amy and Karma to happen so now we'll never see it. There are people suggesting that Netflix should pick up the show for a last season but i see it difficult but anyway, those who watched the show loved it while it lasted and even though it wasn't the best show out there it will be missed.

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