Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Boy Problems' directed by Petra Collins

'Emotion' was one of the best albums last year and is still being on top this one because one of the best songs from the record (if not the best one) has been released as a single and has a fab music video.

'Boy Problems' is an instant hit, when you first listen to it you adore it and can't stop playing in your head, that or play it non stop as i did so i expected big things from the music video that's directed by none other than Petra Collins. I've already posted several works by Collins here, and she has a very concrete signature style and she has it all over the vid. The glitter, the 90s nostalgia, girls lying around their bedrooms, checking on their cellphones and being with their girlfriends are totally Petra's trademark and while i like it all maybe i was expecting a totally different thing from this video. Don't get me wrong, i think the vid is fine but the song is so catchy and fun that i was hoping for something more lively and flirty. Anyway, enjoy the music video because maybe i had something in my mind totally different because i've been listening to this song for so long now i already had in mind how the video was going to be. 

Also, i'm posting below another music vid fron Carly 'Your Type' directed by Gia Coppola that has grown on me with time, i love the song but again maybe the vid was not as fun as the song is but i totally love it now. Enjoy some Carly and some stills of 'Boy Problems' below!

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