All Saints' 'Red Flag (2016)

All Saints have finally released their much awaited fourth album after the nice taste that was 'One Strike'. They're one of my fave girlbands ever so you can imagine how much i was waiting for this.

Recorded ten years after 'Studio 1', Shaznay, Melanie, Nicole and Natalie are back more mature than before, with deeper and more heartfelt lyrics that come from years of experience, heartbreaks and failed relationships. That can only add to their sound and while their music is not as fun and flirty, it sounds fresh as well, not as risky when it comes to sound (except for 'Tribal' and 'Ratchet Behaviour') but the result feels new. And as they say, unlike with their previous album, this time felt right to work together:

"This time round feels like everything's happened at the right time."

And they're telling us they did not only reunite for the money, that is. So, below i'm posting my fave songs from the record, and while i think All Saints' first two albums are still their best ones to date, this one is not their weakest record. Listen to 'Red Flag' here.


sources: allsaints & spotify

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