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One of the most important and groundbreaking for TV culture reality shows premiered 13 years ago, i'm talking about 'Laguna Beach' that is. In an age where most teens were hooked on shows like 'The OC', people wanted to see more of the fabulous lifestyle that those teenagers had, living in big mansions and going to expensive parties. So, 'Laguna Beach' was created.

As another big hit in the reality shows area is about to turn 10 years old soon (i'm talking about 'The Hills') and as i've seen quite a few of them (i have no regrets) here's my list of fave reality shows ever, because we all know i love a guilty pleasure.

1. The Hills (6 seasons 2006-2010)

I think this is the first reality show i ever watched. even before watching the prequel show 'Laguna beach'. Back then it was so cool to see girls in their early 20s make a living of their own, renting their own apartments and getting jobs. Well, at least i thought that last part was true. Anyway, 'The Hills' came after 'Laguna Beach' ended and everyone wanted to keep on with Lauren Conrad's life, the good girl from the original reality show. And it was a success. Of course many of the scenes were kinda staged, but at that time it didn't look like so and i truly believed LC always made whatever she wanted in terms of decisions and friends. When it came to boyfriends, i don't know but it was fun to watch with friends like Heidi (who later was her freenemie), Audrina, Whitney or even Jen Bunney, as many betrayed her or weren't as good friends as LC was to them. In conclusion, despite Laguna being the first, the one that really made it for the rest to come was 'The Hills'. And of course there will be a big special here when it turns 10 years in some months.

2. Keeping Up With The Kardashians (11 seasons 2011-now)

I think this is like the perfect reality show, because there are so many of them and there's always something new going on with them. I started watching the Kardashians some years ago and from the very beginning, and it's the ultimate guilty pleasure. Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie are interesting to watch, partially because you've seen what's going on with them through the media and also because their daily lives are something so fabulous. But the one thing that really struck me at first when watching was how close this family is. Maybe some family members have drifted apart, like Rob or some ex boyfriends like Lamar or now Scott, but the rest stills strong. And that's something i envy, that and having so many sisters (i have none). And while many don't like Kim or the ways momma Kris works with them, i love to watch it always so i hope there are many years to come. After all we have a new generation with North, Penelope, Mason, Reign and Saint coming.

3. Laguna Beach (3 seasons  2004-2006)

Of course this had to be on the top 3. 'Laguna Beach' was the first one of many to come and the one who was more believable, or at least they sold us that. It followed the adventures of a group of teenagers among the ones were Lauren Conrad and ultimate bad girl Kristin Cavallari, eternal enemies. During the first season the show focused more on LC, but the second season was all about bad girl Kristin, and it was nice to watch as well. There's a third season with an entirely new cast that didn't have much success but trust me, it was worth watching and it was sad that they didn't get another season with mean girls Kyndra and Tessa. Such a shame.

4. Jersey Shore (6 seasons 2009-2012)

This was also the first one of many, as horrendous many find it, that supposed a new era for reality TV. Six guidos and guidettes who looked like they were from outer space sharing a house during Summer and paid to party and that was pretty much it. But they were so bizarre and so in their own world of weaves, tank tops and extremely tanning that the result was funny as hell. Dramas like the note saying that Ron cheated on Sam, or the Angelina situation were superb, that among the many fights the girls had between them. You felt horrible watching it but couldn't keep your eyes off it. It lasted six glorious seasons and gave us priceless terms like GTL, DTF, t-shirt time or meatball problems, everything was like watching people from another planet, absolutely hilarious. It was beautiful while it lasted but Snooki got pregnant and the show ended with the star of the show being unable to get hammered. It's surely missed.

5. Geordie Shore (12 seasons 2011-now)

This is one of the few reality shows that keeps on going today. While at first it took me quite a lot to understand their Newcastle accent, it's one of the most hilarious shows. Many say it's the best one out of all the shores, but i highly disagree even though i love it. It has the most random and crazy cast, the girls pee on themselves and puke everywhere while they boys are sex machines with no other goal than to get laid every night but as British as they are, everything is louder, dirtier and filthier. And funnier too. It's one of the shows with more seasons but that's because they do more than one season per year and because they replaced the majority of the cast with new people, so it feels like it's gonna last forever. Luckily with Charlotte and Gaz on it, the it couple who have never been a couple though they should be a couple. It's addicting, that's for sure.

6. Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (3 seasons 2014-now)

Now this was a breeze of fresh air for reality shows. While it might be like any other show, having rich people on it following their daily lives, who are so active on social media as the cast was found via Instagram, that that made the difference. They're like normal people who happen to be rich and had already millions of followers on instagram keeping up with their moves, so they were given this reality show. And while the first season was nothing memorable, the following seasons became more in shape and inevitably turned into another huge guilty pleasure. And them being social media obsessed, with instagram and twitter and their millions of likes, make them more like us, though not really.

7. Pretty Child (1 season 2008)

This has to be the weirdest reality show ever, because of the family involved and the events that casually happened during the filming of its only season. The show followed the life of three teenagers, but mainly on Alexis and Tess, who were living on Alexis' house with their crazy pill popping mother (Tess was their protegee) and with them wanting to become models or famous or anything notorious. They gave second-hand embarrassment to anyone with common sense watching because the mom often took photos of them naked, for career reasons, and they were too focused on being famous. Also, in the first or second ep the girls were arrested for the multiple thefts that happened on a bunch of famous people's homes, and that's when we arrive to 'The Bling Ring'. Sofia Coppola directed the movie based on the events of a gang of teenagers who broke into mansions from Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan or Rachel Bilson and took their clothes, money and anything that they wanted, just because they could. And while Tess was never formally accused, Alexis had to spend some time in jail for that. It's a very random show that it's hard to find to watch but only for those events it's interesting to see as it contains one of the most iconic scenes in reality tv when Alexis calls Nancy Jo for her infamous Vanity Fair article. You've been warned, they were thirsty for fame. And so it is.

8. Teen Mom OG & TM2 (2009-now)

Following up MTV's 'Sixteen and Pregnant' there came 'Teen Mom', continuing with the lives of Maci, Farrah, Amber and Caitlyn. It was interesting because we all wanted to see how this precocious teenagers managed themselves after giving birth and raising their kids. Many thought they were a bad influence because there were very young girls who wanted to get pregnant in order to appear on the show but if they looked closely, the show was nothing glamorous or attracting to the idea of having kids on your teens (or ever for that matter). After some seasons the show ended for the original cast but people demanded more so now it's another format with the same cast and the producers involved, to make everything look more real, which i definitely think it is. And also there are the 'Teen Mom 2' cast, the following set of teenagers that came from the second season of 'Sixteen and Pregnant', Leah, Jenelle, Chelsea and Kailyn, who for me are far more interesting than the original cast, though both are good. So there are a lot of teen moms around and i enjoy them all. I don't know how long this will last, with the kids growing up and becoming fully aware of the cameras, but i'll watch it no matter what.

9. Paris Hilton My New BFF (2 seasons 2008-2009)

This didnt' last long but it was so beautiful while it did. So famous heiress Paris Hilton had a fallen out with her childhood friend Nicole Richie during 'The Simple Life' and needed a new bestie? So she produced a reality show to find a new one. And the format was more like other shows like 'Big Brother' where contestants were living in a house together and subject to eviction, but in this case it was Paris Hilton's friendship that was on stake. The first season was great, with a potential BFF that everyone thought was legit and after the show it turned out she was after Paris' fame, but in the second season it looked like she chose well and found a true friend, though i don't know the status of that friendship now. Anyways, it was amazing to get into the world of the famous heiress and it was really fun to watch. I miss it sometimes.

10. Kourtney and Khloe/Kim take...(whatever) 

Spin-off of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' with first 'Kourtney and Khloe take Miami' (3 seasons 2009) and later it was 'Kourtney and Kim take Miami', followed up by' Kourtney and Kim take New York' (2 seasons 2011) and finally' Kourtney and Khloe take the Hamptons' (2014) and all of them were great. It was basically less Kardashians but the same thing, and all family members eventually appeared on the show so it was the same. The formula worked and people were eager to see these ladies wherever they went so let's hope for more or even a Kendall and Kylie take... some place because that would be superb to watch. Yeah, i'm Kardashian addicted.  

As for other shows evidently missing like 'The Simple Life', that i always wanted to watch but never could find online, there are other ones that i've seen and are nice but not as good. As for spin offs, 'Jersey Shore's 'Snooki and JWoww' at first was nice and surprisingly lasted four seasons but was nothing like the original show. After 'The Hills' there came 'The City' which looked so staged that didn't last long but introduced the fabulous and elite mean girl Olivia Palermo. 'The Valleys' seemed to be the Welsh version of 'Geordie Shore' and while the first season sucked hard, the following two were kinda decent though the show didn't match its predecessor. And finally, the latest reality show i've watched. 'Dash Dolls', turned out to be another guilty pleasure coming from the Kardashians that i can't wait for season 2.

As for Spanish language reality shows, you can't miss 'Gandía Shore' our 'Jersey Shore' version that shined so bright that only had one season. Also, 'Super Shore' a combination of people from different 'shores around the world is quite good and another reality that has been quite good and different from those is 'Alaska y Mario' with two funny and really peculiar Spanish personalities.

So what other shows i'm missing and should i watch? Let me know!

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