Dame of Thrones portraits & recap of where they stand after Season 5

Entertainment Weekly is getting ahead of 'Game of Thrones' Season 6 taking these beautiful portraits of the beautiful and fierce ladeies of the show with not only one but six different covers.

The inside photoshoot is great as well, and i have to admit that i have a soft spot for some of these characters like Sansa (Sophie Turner), Brienne (Gwendline Christie) and Margaery (Natalie Dormer), while i love to hate Cersei (Lena Headey) but there's more love than hate (sorrynotsorry) and Arya (Maisie Williams) is ok for me. Don't get me wrong Arya's lovers, i like her as well and i think she's a fierce young woman but she seems to manage herself so well on her own that i don't have to worry about her. Except for now.

As there are still left 31 days for season 6 to premiere, let's recap where did these ladies stand in the last episode:

- Arya is still in the House of Black and White learning to be nobody but took justice for herself and killed Meryn Trant off her list but the Many Faces God didn't like that she took a life that was not hers to take and turned her blind.

 - Daenerys also has it tough as after the most epic scene of last season, the ambush in the fighting pit and Drogon coming to rescue her, she's nowhere in the middle of the desert and she's imprisoned by a huge Khalasar of Dothrakis.

- Sansa might be the one who's got it better after having the most painful season by jumping off the castle with the help of Theon and escaping from her beloved husband Ramsay Bolton.

- Brienne bumped into Stannins Baratheon and she presumably avenges the death of  Renly Baratheon though it's not clear if she kills him as we don't see it.

- Cersei was imprisoned by the High Sparrow until she confessed her crimes of incest with her cousin and fornication and she got to go home in a very long and tormenting walk of shame.

- And Margaery remains imprisoned by the High Sparrow after lying about the sexual orientation of her brother Loras.

So, many thigs coming on this new season, i seriously can't wait but in the meantime let's enjoy this photoshoot and check out much more pics at the source.

sources: ew

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