10 reasons why 'Sense and Sensibility' remains a classic after 20 years

'Sense and Sensibility' turned 20 years old last December and was casually marked by the death of one of its main protagonists, Alan Rickman, one month after its anniversary. But that's a reason to celebrate even more this gorgeous adaptation of the Jane Austen novel, so here are 10 reasons why thie Ange Lee movie remains a classic among Austen adaptations.

1. Emma Thompson delightfully adapted the Jane Austen novel, she did so well, that she won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay, the Golden Globe, the Critics' Choice Award, the ACCA, the BSFC Award, the ALSF Award, , the LAFCA Award, the NYFCC Award, thr STFC Award and th WGA Award no less.

2. It's directed by Ang Lee who has made other stunningly beautiful films like 'Eat, Pray, Love', 'The Wedding Banquet', 'Life of Pi' or 'Brokeback Mountain' among others. So you have an idea of how delicate and emotionally powerful this movie can be.

3. It contains Alan Rickman's best performance, or at least my favorite one from all of his career. Who didn't fall in love with Colonel Brandon? I already drooled about him here, so there's no need to say more.

4. It's Kate Winslet second film after 'Heavenly Creatures'. She was 19 when she filmed it.                    

5. After divorcing Kenneth Brannagh, Emma Thompson met her now husband Greg Wise (Willoughby) during filming, even though he played Kate Winslet's love interest.

6. Hugh Laurie also appears in the movie playing an ironic, bad tempered man, very similar to his famous character in 'House'.

7. Hugh Grant also appears making his signature character of an awkward man, and he's great at it.

8. At first Emma Thompson didn't want to play Elinor Dashwood because at the age of thirty five she was too old for the 19 year old part but Ang Lee convinced her.

9. Hugh Laurie and Imelda Staunton also played a couple in 'Peter's Friends' (1992) and they've done a total of five movies together.

10. The character of Marianne was hated by the readers because it was a satire made by Austen of young girls who fantasied about love too much but Emma Thompson made the character much more lovable so she wouldn't be hated in the film.

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