Bloc Party's HYMNS

Bloc Party's new album HYMNS is finally out, four years after they released 'Four', and while i always like their music, i haven't been as excited about the new material as i usually was.

Don't get me wrong, i still love their music and lyrics, but this album has been a little weak compared to the previous four albums (and i thought 'Four' was weak). I usually listen to Bloc Party's new music and instantly love them, to the point that i adore their songs and play them nonstop, maybe with 'HYMNS' is gonna take me a few more listens like it has happened with the single 'The Love Within' (which i now adore), so time will tell. But just to be clear, any weak album from Bloc Party is much better than many of the stuff released today so it's not necessary a bad thing, only that i expected more as i'm used to go nuts with their music.

Anyway, here are the five songs i like best from the new album, so enjoy and give it a listen, is not bad at all but somehow i wanted more.

The Love Within

The Good News

Different Drugs


My True Name

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