'Flesh and Bone'

As i stated in the Things that Mattered in 2015 post, 'Flesh and Bone' has definitely been one of the shows of the year. Little did i know that i would dig into this dark tale of the ballet world so much and end up absolutely fascinated by it.

While many describe this 8-episode series as 'Black Swan' but with no unreal hallucinations, what it does have in common is the dedication and struggles of the ballet scene. All that mixed with a mysterious new girl who quickly ascends in the American Ballet Company and the beauty and pain that is dancing ballet make a perfect tv show that originally was set for a full season but was rounded to 8 eps that seem not enough in a way. Not enough because you want more but the ending is so epic and so iconic that it's better to leave things like that. Also, the performances are so on point (Sarah Hay and the show are nominated for the Golden Globes) and the dancers are indeed real ballet dancers, that while many plots seem to be so obvious at first, it's only because that happens in the ballet scene and they had to be included.

It's mandatory to watch 'Flesh and Bone' if you love ballet, and even if you don't it will haunt you and get you hooked to it. You don't know how many dark places this series goes to but it's something disturbing but beautiful. Must-watch.

sources: iskanderzombie

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