All Saints 2016

With all the holiday fuss, i totally missed that on January 1st one of my fave girlbands ever announced that they're back together and bringing some surely super nice new music in 2016. And damn, that's the way to start a year.

Alongside with TLC and the Spice Girls, All Saints have been the band that i loved most ever from the moment i listened to them for the first time, and while their latest album 'Studio 1' in 2006 was not as great as their two first albums, i have hopes for this new one. Because if All Saints caused such an impact when they first came out even when the Spice Girls were ruling the pop scene, was because you could see a lot of talent in them. All of them combined, as singers and songwriters, made a perfect combination that continued after their fantastic debut album with their sophomore 'Saints & Sinners', and there has to be something left there.

So, as we'll have to wait for some new music, you can check out my Top 10 Favorite All Saints songs and also remember their first attempt as a band, with Shaznay Lewis and Melanie Blatt forming part of All Saints with another member who quickly left, and thankfully, because she didn't allow them pretty ladies to sing:

sources: astw & youtube

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