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While i don't follow every designer's collection or every fashion week show, these are the three collections that have captured my attention this year (click on link to check the full collection):


As usual, i catch up on movies from last year because here everything gets released a bit later and there have been some really great surprises in cinema this year but i haven't watched as many movies as i would have loved to. But here are the ones that i really loved:

Mommy - this was such an experience to watch and such a mind-blowing movie. I was aware of the good critics it had and it was not disappointing at all. Xavier Dolan makes a film about emotions and you can't help but to feel them all, and it's heartbreaking in a beautiful way. Must-watch.

It Follows - I have already talked about this movie in the 5 Modern Horror Film for Halloween post and i can't recommend it more. It's a film like none other and it gives you 80s vibes, and that's a good thing. Watch it and get intrigued yourself, the less you know about this movie, the better but watch it.

Relatos salvajes - this Argentinian movie was amazing, a combination of drama stories with a lot of comedy ones and it is so worth watching that even if you don't speak Spanish you have to give it a try because it's so, so good.

Whiplash - was another super nice surprise, in my opinion deserved the Oscar for Best Film instead of 'Birdman', but anyway, the film has superb and over the edge performances that make the movie so exciting and powerful with all that drumming that it stand out for me among the other nominees from last year.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - And what about 'Star Wars'? i'm a fan of the old trilogy so imagine my surprise when this new movie was nothing like the new saga from a few years ago and so like the good old movies. It contains all the excitement and nostalgia that the original trilogy had and it feels like coming home. Maybe it's not as superb as those movies but it has the same feeling and i can't wait for the rest.

The Hateful Eight - while i'm still processing this film as i've just watched it, i had to include it here. It may be too long or whatever but it was good old Tarantino as i have missed in other recent movies like 'Django Unchained' or 'Inglourious Basterds'. Those movies are ok but i felt like there was something missing from his signature style. Anyway, while maybe i found the ending kinda weak, the rest is amazing, and keeps you guessing all the time. That and a ton of great and charismatic characters (which i think that that was precisely missing from his two previous films) makes a nearly perfect movie that may be not his best but is far from its worst film. Watch it and decide for yourself.

TV Shows

It has been a really exciting year when it comes to TV shows, i don't think i ever started watching so many series in a year like this one. So many brand new good shows like starting for my fave one that can't be none other than 'Scream Queens', it was so good and such a guilty pleasure that i'm suffering withdrawal now that it's over; also, 'Unreal' has been such a pleasant surprise, i binge-watched the whole first season in less than a week and it was so, so good i got two friends of mine hooked to it (which is never easy). 'Scream' has also been one of the top shows this year, i don't think noone expected it to be any good but it was. 'Flesh and Bone', which i just finished watching, was simply mind-blowing and i have to make a post next year about it because it's so worth-watching, you have no idea. Currently i'm watching 'Jessica Jones' and i can't comment on it until i watch the whole first season but i'm liking it so far; and, 'Younger' which was a breeze of fresh air, a simple but cute comedy that has replaced my good feeling series that was 'Hart of Dixie', that had its final season this year. Because this year a few series that i loved have come to an end, like 'Hart of Dixie' as i said, which had run its course but had such a nice ending that made you feel sad about it. Also, the cancellation of 'Looking' was something so disappointing and unfair, luckily it will have a closure but is still so sad after having such a great season this year. 'Cougar Town' also came to and end but it was dead good funny till its very end.  And this year has also been the comeback of 'The Comeback', which i just started watching and it was something else, really enjoyed it.

As for the other shows that i was already watching, 'Game of Thrones' remained one of the best series of the year despite people saying that it's not as good as it used to be. 'Girls' didn't disappoint and had a lot of heartfelt moments in between comedic ones, which i love; surprisingly, 'Grey's Anatomy' continues to be interesting after so many seasons and i can't help but keep watching; 'Orange is the New Black' was ok, i enjoyed the third season but not as much as the two other seasons, such a shame; 'Faking It' has continued to be good but somehow has lost its freshness so soon but it's still fun to watch; and 'Awkward', big sister of 'Faking It', it's about to end next year and well, while it's not as good as it used to be, it will be missed. 'Broad City' remained flawless as it is and i quit watching 'American Horror Story: Hotel' after one ep because that's one big mess.

When it comes to reality shows, 'Barely Famous' and 'Dash Dolls' have been the brand new two shows that i started watching and while the first one was really hilarious and you should watch it, the Dash girls were something entertaining if you like the Kardashians and such.


When it comes to music, these four albums have been the ones i played most because, what a little gem is Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Emotion'? It's a perfect pop album and i don't think it's valued as it should be. Also, Madonna made a great comeback with 'Rebel Heart', her best album in years and i hope she continues that way. 'Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz' was also a nice surprise because i don't think noone expected an album like this coming from her and it was fantastic. And 'Communion' by Years & Years was the most fantastic debut album that little by little, with each listen grew on me.

And here are my top 10 songs from the year:

1. Madonna - Bitch I'm Madonna

2. Years & Years - King

3. Adele - Hello

4. The Chemical Brothers - Go

5. Carly Rae Jepsen - Your Type

6. Madonna - Joan of Arc

7. David Bowie - Lazarus

8. Miley Cyrus - Karen Don't be Sad

9. Rihanna - Bitch Better Have My Money

10. U2 - Song for Someone


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