Dolce & Gabbana jewel-encrusted headphones

Ever since we all watched Chanel#3 in 'Scream Queens' rocking the earmuffs like she did, we all wanted to wear the same fabulous customized earmuffs like her. As it's never as cold here to wear them, i always wondered why there wasn't anyone designing super cool embellished headphones like those fancy earmuffs Chanel#3 always wore, and it turns out Dolce & Gabbana had already done that.

They introduced them last year during the Milan Fashion Week A/W 2015 but it's only now that i've seen Rihanna wearing them that i've become aware of them and they're absolutely stunning. Not only they look like a tiara but also the jewel-encrusted details are totally gorgeous and listening to music with them must be a joy. It has to be, as they cost around 9 thousand dollars, no less. So, as a girl can dream, here are a few models that i have fallen totally in love with, if you ever have to give me something as a gift, below are a few ideas.

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