Top 10 favorite TV female characters

Last week, we've received the news everyone was waiting for, 'Scream Queens' got renewed for a second season! And while i thought like Ryan Murphy did with 'American Horror Story', that the new season was gonna have an entirely new set of characters and a new story, it turns out that not only Lea Michele is reprising her role as Hester, but Chanel Oberlin will be back! That's right, sluts, Emma Roberts will play again the infamous sorority queen and i'm so excited about it because i thought Chanel was out of our lives for good. Because with only one season she has already become one of my favorite tv characters, and i know she is too for many out there. So, as a celebration of that, i'm making a list of my favorite tv characters of all time from some of my fave shows, listed in chronological order behind the cut, so enjoy and share yours!

Audrey Horne - Twin Peaks (1990)

Audrey Horne was too dreamy for an apparently boring town like Twin Peaks where nothing ever happened, until Laura Palmer's death, that is. Sherilyn Fenn played this teen temptress that fell instantly in love with agent Cooper and that loved coffee just because of him. Audrey was too much for such a small town and often danced in places just because. Her wit, mischievous ways and innocence all combined made her stand out from the rest. And she's going to be in the revival of the series so i can't wait for that.

Dana Scully - The X Files (1993)

I spent part of my early teenage years waiting for Mulder and Scully to kiss and i think i was not the only one. One cannot help but love Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson). Her and Mulder made one of the most iconic couples in television history and her true belief to herself is what made me like her more. Because despite loving the show i was on her side of the story. I'm skeptical when it comes to life out there but at the same time i can be convinced if i see it with my very own eyes. Her struggle between religion and her partner who wanted to believe, and her composure with him when there were obviously a lot of feelings between them is what made you get attached to their story and to all those creepy cases. They will be back soon so i hope they didn't ruin their chemistry, like they did with those movies.


Angela Chase - My So-Called Life (1994)

With only one season, this show remains iconic. I've already drooled about it here and remains one of my top 3 favorite shows to date so Angela Chase (Claire Danes in her first role) couldn't be a miss. I was 13 when i watched this show and never felt more related. Instead of the typical teenagers you could see in other series like 'Saved By The Bell' or '90210', this show portrayed true teenage years played by kids their own age, and having problems and insecurities like normal teens do. Because if there's something that makes 'My So-Called Life' that great, is that it's timeless. The problems seen in the show are still the ones many young kids are having today and it was also the first show to have a semi trans gay character, the super sweet and tender Rickie. And Angela portrayed the figure of the introvert teenager, with too many thoughts and a crush on the hottest guy in highschool, Jordan Catalano (Jared Leto), which happened to all of us back then. The personality and conviction she had when dating him and how mature she acted it's what made us relate and love her.


Jen Lindley - Dawson's Creek (1998)

If anyone watched 'Dawson's Creek' back in the day, they will sure knew it was not about Dawson all the way. Sure at first it was, but soon it was more Joey Potter's Creek and that was annoying. Still the show was nice to watch. But if there was a character that stand out compared to little miss perfect Joey, that was Jen Lindley (Michelle Williams), infamous bad girl. She came back to town because she had been a mess and was sent to live with her grandma and i instantly loved this character. Not only she managed to make Dawson loose his precious virginity but was a breeze of fresh air because she was not perfect, she had made mistakes and was trying to overcome her bad girl fame. It sucked the ending she had but i liked her character from beginning to end. One day i have to rewatch this series. 


Miranda HobbesSex and the City (1998)

Now this is a character that would be in my top #5 faves, definitely. When starting watching 'Sex and the City', noone wants to be Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), because she's the less glamorous one but damn, i could relate so much to her it hurt. First, she's the more real/believable character out of the four ladies, and her awkwardness, her decisions, her beliefs, are something i could see myself reflected. So now i'm a proud Miranda (there's nothing worse than being a Carrie by the way). I feel she's such an underrated character and only because she's not as fab when it comes to style or looks as the others  but that makes me like her even more. One great female character.


Summer Roberts - The OC (2003)

Rachel Bilson is adorable and for me it's a joy to see her in anything she does. Having said that, she owned Summer Roberts so much that they made her a regular, when she was only going to appear in a few eps, and she even stole the attention from the show's main character Marissa Cooper. And that ain't an easy thing. Summer Roberts was all about shopping, tanning and celebrity gossip and my most superficial self couldn't feel more related. Also, the couple she made with Seth Cohen was adorable, both in the show and in real life. This show is still good to this day, as i rewatched it not so long ago and it remains flawless. And part of that it's Summer Roberts' fault.


Bree Van de Kamp - Desperate Housewives (2004)

Marcia Cross was amazing in this neurotic, borderline and delightful character at the same time. This redhaired temptress was the absolute stunner when this show started, even when all the main female characters were so good (except for Susan Delfino, she was annoying). Her need to always be composed and set this perfect family image was something that drove her crazy in the most literal way, but she remained funny while doing so. She also had amazing hair so that's a plus. I still miss this show even when sometimes it was a big soap opera but Bree was the best.


Cassie - Skins (2007)

There's no 'Skins' without Cassie because she was oh wow, so fantastic. Hannah Murray played this role so well that she became the most memorable character of the show (maybe tied with Effy). But well, this lovely and ethereal at times girl that didn't want to eat melted out hearts from the very first episode. Not only she was this little messy thing but she also had some sort of innocence that you couldn't help but love. Hers was the most accurate portrayal of an eating disorder that i have seen in a tv show to date so it was super nice to see her in 'Pure' after all those years and see that she was doing well. A very sweet farewell to a character that was nothing but unforgettable.


Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl (2007)

I named my chihuahua after her, and with that i'm saying all. Just like in 'The OC', soon it was evident that it was all about Blair Waldorf and not about Serena, who supposedly was the main character. Leighton Meester owned this character so much that she made her mean but adorable at the same time. Blair was so funny and her mischievous ways so cute that she became nothing but lovable and became the best thing on the show. She was the Queen B and her scenes with Dan Humphrey gave me life and a breeze of fresh air to their characters and the whole show. You can imagine my disappointment with the ending but that didn't taint my love for her (well, it did a little bit). Anyway, she remains flawless and it's another series i want to rewatch and only because of her.


Chanel Oberlin - Scream Queens (2015)

And what can i say about Chanel Oberlin that i haven't already said? She was basically the force and strength of the show (with all the respects to Jamie Lee Curtis) but we have to recognise she was the best thing there. Her delusional ways and army of Chanels were flawless and she resulted to be the perfect mean girl with the right amount of superficial and the wit to be hilarious. In a way, i'm afraid they will ruin her character in the second season but i'm sure Emma Roberts will do a flawless job as always. I can't wait for that!

Honorable mentions: the girls from 'Girls', Madison Montgomery from 'American Horror Story: Coven', Rachel Greene from 'Friends, Renee Perry in 'Desperate Housewives', Effie Stonem in 'Skins', Chanel #3 in 'Scream Queens'.

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