Claudia, Cindy and Naomi for Balmain

During the 90s we experienced the golden age of the supermodels. There was Naomi, Cindy, Claudia, Linda, Tyra,... there was no need to say their surnames, everyone knew about them. And while soon after there came Kate Moss and now there's Cara, Gisele, all the Victoria's Secret angels and even Kendall, i don't think they're as iconic as the original ones one were (excluding maybe Kate Moss). It was the birth of the supermodel and that's a fact.

Well, while many of them have continued working, now Balmain has reunited the holy trio, Claudia, Cindy and Naomi, for the Spring 2016 campaign and it's a joy to see them back together. Not only this could be mistaken as an old campaign because they remain ageless and fantastic as they were back in the day as Naomi remains fierce, Claudia doesn't age and Cindy is as iconic as she used to be (she's my fave out of the three). So, enjoy this marvellous Balmain campaign that's bringing the 90s back and admire how it's really done. After all they were the first ones.

Also, enjoy George Michael's iconic 'Too Funky' video that was an ode to the supermodels, i adooore this vid and song:

sources: elle & youtube

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