20 years of 'Now & Then'

Just like in the movie where the four friends reunite twenty years later, here we are remembering this personal favourite of mine during my teens 20 years later, no less.

This movie was everything to me, i remember watching it with my group of girlfriends back then and adoring it, we were practically the same age and did most of the things the girls did in the movie despite being set on the 70s: the riding bikes everywhere on Summer, making spiritual sessions, the first love crushes, first kisses or first cigarettes smoken, everything was so new and so full of possibilities back then. And now i'm here, re-watching it again and feeling as happy and excited as i was back then because some movies, like some songs, transport you to the past and make you feel exactly the same as you did back then.

The movie was kinda like a female version of  'Stand By Me', another personal favourite of mine where four boys embark on a journey to find the body of a missing boy. In 'Now and Then' is nearly the same, they become obsessed by the death of dear Johnny, a boy their age, and are determined to find out what happened to him and just like in the boys' movie, they will end up the Summer having grown up and leaving the childhood years behind.

They will also face problems like parents divorcing or the feeling of being disappointed by them, of seeing how they're far from perfect and that they also make mistakes, which is tough at that age because it's something you always believed in. At that age friendships mean the world to you and you think that bond will last forever but unfortunately is not always like that.

As for the cast, the four young actresses who were playing their age (and that's much appreciated because it was rare then) were amazing as Teeny, Samantha, Roberta and Chrissy. Thora Birch, Gaby Hoffman, Christina Ricci and the late Ashleigh Aston Moore (she passed away in 2007) did an amazing job in the movie and while Ricci and Hoffman are still working, i wish i could see Thora Birch in more movies. But anyway, in honor if this teen classic, let's remember the movie with some of my favorite images and some bonus on set pictures that i adored, i wish there would had been a reunion or something with the cast (both young girls and women) but it's a shame practically noone (except abcnews) remembered this film's anniversary that was back in October this year.

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