Scream Queens' season 1

The 'Scream Queens' finale was something i really didn't expect, even though i've been loving this show ever since started, i did not see it coming when it came to the final episode and it was... AMAZING. I really cannot describe what an adrenaline rush i had during the two final episodes and how intrigued i was about who the Red Devil was and while some might have seen that coming, it turned out to be perfection.

You have to understand that this show was made for me, it has everything i love in a show and the cast is more than flawless, so this was an easy one for me. But while i liked some of Ryan Murphy's work a lot like the first three seasons of 'American Horror Story' (yeah, that includes 'Coven'), 'Scream Queens' has excelled all my expectations for a show. Some say it's dumb and silly but that's underestimating it. Of course it plays dumb, but the show is the first one who mocks teenage girls, sororities and Taylor Swift mainly, so you have to get its sometimes acid humour. The show is basically laughing at itself, and i loved that about it.

One of the key elements from the huge success of the series is the cast. Absolutely everyone is on point and nails their characters, well maybe Grace was the weakest one but as the supposedly main character, i think that's done in purpose. But the cast, starting with the fantastic Emma Roberts and the incredible Jamie Lee Curtis, is flawless:

 Emma Roberts is more Emma Roberts than ever, Ryan Murphy already exploited that in 'Coven' and it was great but here she shines more than ever. She owns the show and i cannot adore her anymore. And what can i tell about Jamie Lee Curtis? This woman is flawless, there's something about her that makes her effortlessly cool and she simply makes her character her own and you just love to hate her. But not only we're marvelled by these two leading ladies, we've also fallen in love with Billie Lourd as Chanel #3 who was the total revelation of the show, Nick Jonas as gay Boone surprised me for his comedy skills and he has to be in the following season, Niecy Nash as Dennise fucking Hemphill was absurdily hilarious; Lea Michele as Neckbrace was another surprise for me because i have never seen her in 'Glee' and she's amazing, and even Ariana Grande in her small role was great. And there's also a bunch of other characters like Death Taylor Swift (she was gone too soon), the candle blogger, Diego Boneta doing a flawless impersonation of Matthew McConaughey in 'True Detective', Tavi Gevinson guest starring, Chad Radwell and his family, everyone.  I couldn't ask for a better show. And while the Red Devil reveal made all the sense in the world for me, let's discuss everything that happened between 'Dorkus' and 'The Final Girl(s)'.

(Spoilers, obvi)
The Red Devil reveal was so on point, i always fear Ryan Murphy's plot twists because by the time any season of AHS gets to the end it's a big old mess with tons of plots and things to get solved, but here there was no loose end (well, maybe that very last shot). I loved how throughout all the 'Dorkus' ep, we believed that #5 was the Red Devil, and only at the very last moment it was revealed that it was in fact Hester, so we could see her story in the final episode. How she managed to trick them all, to blame the Chanels and get away with it was brilliant, and her conversation with Dean Munch subtly convincing her into not telling anything was superb. Because Dean Much knew it all, and that's a really big reveal because she didn't care for the Chanels to get sentenced when they were innocent of it all. And while it was quite funny to see Denise and Chad breaking up while 'Waterfalls' sounds, the best minutes of the finale (despite everything before being perfection) where the last ten minutes of the show:

The Chanels are sentenced to life in prison (despite being declared at first innocent but found guilty because of Chanel's big mouth –and despite her ignoring the verdict) and are sent to an asylum (AHS Asylum anyone?). The biggest surprise? They loved it and probably needed it, and we've never seen them so happy or closer as friends. It was a nice twist of events because i don't think anyone expected them to end like this and while Chanel achieves happiness there, the Red Devil cannot allow that and presumably kills her. But for a moment, it was beautiful.

This was a big finale for a show that is bigger than what everyone thinks at first, it might be bubbly and silly and have a lot of furry clothes and pastel colours, but entertains till the very end, it has thousand of pop culture references from classic movies to new ones or famous people, you laugh through all of it and don't end up disappointed and that's not easy to achieve. I'm gonna miss Chanel Oberlin and #3 a lot, and i hope the rumours of a possible season 2 set in a Summer camp will be true, because now i can't let go of this show.

Enjoy the show in its full glory with a bunch of gifs and pictures behind the cut (image heavy), guiltiest pleasure ever.

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