GIRLS HBO Season 5 Trailer

The trailer for the 5th season of 'Girls' is finally out for all those who didn't want to download Snapchat to watch it and it looks good.

For what we can see, the show stills (and that's what i love about it) friendship centered and we see how Marnie and Hannah, despite trying to make it work, keep growing apart. Also, that Soshanna feels happy in Tokyo but let's hope that's not an excuse not to see more from her, and Jessa is around with no plot, which is a shame because i want to see more of her and Adam. But anyway, while maybe the show is not the same as season 1 or 2, i still love to watch it and having in mind that after this season, season 6 will be its last, we gotta enjoy everything.

Watch the trailer below and let's wait until February 21 to see the girls back:

sources: zmamet & youtube

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