Three movies about female friendship

Lately i've seen some movies about young female friendship, and while these films are ok and are not anything quite memorable, i liked their own portrayal of friendships during your early teens. It's a blurry period where looking back you do realize that some best friends you had back then weren't such great when you think about them now but i guess that's part of everyone's life.

So, i'm commenting a bit the relationship we see in each of these movies that are nice to watch on a quiet and lazy Sunday afternoon. There will be some spoilers!

Very Good Girls (2013) - Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen play BFFs Lilly and Gerri and make a pact to loose their virginity the Summer before going to college. But they fall for the same guy. Out of the two other movies, this is the one where we see a more pure and strong friendship between the protagonists. They've been friends since little girls so hence the strong bond though as it happens in life, not everything is shared between best friends. That's something i liked, that they keep some things to themselves, especially Lilly. She hides the fact that she has won the bet but also fallen in love with a guy they both have a crush on, so she doesn't want to hurt her friend and doesn't tell her. But secrets bring chaos and they finally part because of a guy. As much as it is a cliche, it's a fucking truth. Boys can tear kindergarden friendships apart like that. Nicely, the bond between Lilly and Gerri is stronger than that and they're finally able to end the Summer in good terms because they love each other in the end. It's a nice movie but somehow quite forgetable.

Lily & Kat (2015)  - Probably, this is the one that i liked best out of the three. Two best friends who love partying together and do everything together, try to make the best of the last remaining days before one of them moves back to England. While the idea is as simple as it is, this one does good at showing that friendships in your 20s sometimes are just based on partying and hanging out but doesn't really contain any substance. The friendship between Jessica Rothe's and Hannah Murray's characters it's also one of those toxic female friendships where they're pitching themselves against each other but at the same time they hold onto each other. And while it's painful especially for Lily to see how her world falls apart with the sudden depart of her friend, she will also move on from this to be better with herself. I could relate to the situation these two friends had because it happened to me too in my 20s. Friends back then weren't such friends because if so, they would still be in my life.

Bande de Filles, Girlhood (2014) - I expected a bit more from this movie but well, it wasn't bad. Didn't like the ending too much but that's another subject. Marieme lives in a neighbourhood where she's pretty much ignored by boys but she starts to hang out with the cool girls of he hood and she changes her style and her hair and everything. Here, the friendship she has with these three other girls at first seems convenient, but we see little by little that these girls hold on to each other and what they represent together in the neighbourhood is what makes them need each other. It's a complicated situation where there aren't many ways out to have a better life and that's what keeps them together. The illusion that they are something great among mediocre people, or at least that's what they believe. I liked that they weren't bitches to each other and also the natural process of going different ways as time goes by. Not a bad movies but expectations were too high.

So, any other movies you've seen recently or not so recently, about young female friendships?

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