Top 20 Madonna songs

In honor of Madonna's 57th birthday, i've done the very difficult task of deciding which are my 20 most favourite songs out of her 30 year career. Not easy at all. At first i was gonna only do a top 10 but i really couldn't decide between only 10 songs so here's a top 20 instead. I know many will be missing classic Madonna songs like 'Like a Virgin' or 'Material Girl', but i'm not fond of those songs as so many people are so enjoy, don't judge, and let's celebrate the Queen of Pop's belated bday:

1. Bedtime Story

2. Justify My Love

3. Vogue

4. Into the Groove

5. I Want You

6. Like a Prayer

7. Lucky Star

8. Drowned World/Substitute for Love

9. Dress You Up in My Love

10. Cherish

11. Papa Don't Preach

12. What it Feels Like for a Girl (album version)

13. Holiday

14. Hollywood

15. Secret

16. Burning Up

17. Nothing Fails

18. Get Together

19. Ray of Light

20. Joan of Arc

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