'UnReal' Season 1

(Spoiler free)
How can i start talking about the absolute show of the Summer, 'UnReal'? I started watching it because i was short on tv shows (who isn't in Summer) and as i heard tons of good things about it i gave it a try and... watched the seven episodes that have already aired in a week.

'UnReal' uses the reality show format for its own benefit, it's like it takes what people like of them into the show so you have the good thing about both formats in the same show. But don't think this is a mere guilty pleasure, the surprise with 'UnReal' is that it's far from a dumb show. It starts kinda like that but soon it gets darker and that's when you start to love it. Not only do we see what would a group of contestants do for the love of the bachelor, but also how twisted and manipulative is the world of reality tv. It's all for the ratings no matter what, no matter who, and that's ain't just an expression.

Another great thing that this show is the badness and fierceness of its two female protagonists. Not only the main character Rachel (Shiri Appleby) is not your troubled ordinary leading lady, she's far from that, but also Quinn (Constance Zimmer) is the epitome of bad bitch, two strong characters that are the key element of the series. Because where do we find such complicated and disturbing female characters? With Quinn is easy, the average boss who has to be a bitch in a world of men (not to take any credit to Zimmer's amazing portrayal of her) but a character like Rachel? I don't think no one fully understands her. Of course, when you start watching a show you're kinda forced to like the main character but not here, and it's something i liked a lot from the show. Rachel is not your average complicated protagonist, she's much more complex than that, you don't get sometimes why she does things and she has her low moments and makes bad decisions like any other person, but still, she's a whole mess you cannot clean up. And if you think you do then explain me what was going on in her mind when talking to Quinn in that very last scene with them on the finale?

I can't, seriously, i can't recommend this show more because it would physically hurt. I already have two friends hooked on it like heroine so give it a watch because this show is the show of the Summer, 'Sense8' who?

Also, the last scene of the finale featured this amazing song by Alt-J and it couldn't be more perfect:

sources: illyriamars & youtube

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