U2's 'Song for Someone' music video starring Woody Harrelson

When U2 released his latest album 'Songs of Innocence' that was inmediately on everyone's iphone without asking for it, i was pissed. Of course i tried to give it a try but only because of that i deleted it. And it's not that i don't like the band but their latest albums haven't been as great as they used to be and i lost interest. So i practically haven't heard anything new from them till this week.

U2 released the music video for the ballad 'Song for Someone' starring Woody Harrelson, and of course i had to watch it. And what a video, and what a song. The vid is pretty much a simple concept, an inmate released from prison after many years behind bars. But the song is so touching and Harrelson's performance really gets you as you see his faces and how emotional he feels about being free at last. The whole process of him getting out and facing his now teenage daughter, whom he barely knows, is something great. I really loved this ballad and the video is practically a shortfilm. I really miss these type of videos, with a story behind and great acting, so whenever i see one like the ones there used to be in the good old days (90s) i love it. Watch it below:

sources: noticierou2 & youtube

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