#RKOBH Season 3

The third season of 'Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' came and go like that (it's so short), and even though at first this reality show wasn't all that much it's gotten super good.

On this third season we're already familiar with all the gang so everything has gotten better and way more interesting when it comes to plot and dramas. Also, there's a new addition with David Hasselhoff's daughter Taylor Ann to the cast, so it was a nice move and it also brought a lot of past drama with Roxy. Speaking of Roxy, she had BFF trouble with Morgan and that didn't look staged at all, and i'm being serious. I'm guessing some of the dramas are really plotted but i don't think there's need for making up anything when there's such a prolific gang. Such a guilty pleasure to watch.

So check out some words of wisdom from these super rich kids with nothing but fake friends (*hint), after the cut!

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