'Younger' season 1

When someone recommended me 'Younger', a new comedy tv show starring Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff, i wasn't too excited about it. First, Hilary Duff is ok, i saw her on 'Gossip Girl' but that's pretty much it (and i liked a few pop songs from her) but when i knew Sutton Foster was the protagonist i wasn't too eager about it. I saw her in 'Bunheads' and despite being a show about ballet, everything in that series was annoying, especially her. But i trusted the person who recommended it to me and gave it a try. And well, i was surprised.

'Younger' is a really nice comedy series, sure the plot is not too interesting (A woman in her 40s pretending to be a 20-year-old in order to get more job offers) but it really keeps you entertained. Here Sutton Foster is not as annoying as in that other show, it also stars Debi Mazaar which is a total plus and Nico Tortorella (from 'Make it or break it') also make up for it. It's a really super good feeling show and while it gets you hooked on it, it also makes you feel nice. Also, it has an homage to 'Pretty Woman's ending scene that really steals your heart (couldn't find a vid for that scene).

I really recommend it to anyone looking for something easy and fun to watch, especially now in Summer when we don't have too many shows out there (or at least me). The only bad thing is that the first season has only 12 episodes that you watch in two seconds and the second season will air on January 2016. But well, we'll have patience. It's totes worth.

sources: hulu

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